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Dec 2019 | 2019 comes to an End

Another year of Kendo & Iaido comes to an end at Shidokan 志 New recruits have bolstered our ranks, and we look forward to seeing them improve in their practice. Let's heal our injuries and come back next session with great fire within! Thank you for all the lessons, all the friendships, the victories & defeats. Enjoy your holidays, see you all very soon!

Nov 09 2019 | JCCC Senior tournament

On the weekend of Nov 09, a Shidokan contingent travalled travelled to Toronto ON to participate at the Japanese Canadian Cultural Center (JCCC) Senior Kendo tournament, as usual an exciting experience. The team was reinforced with our friend Ryan Choi from Detroit Kendo Club – Thank you Ryan!

On the day after, some of our Shidokan members took part in the kendo grading also hosted by the JCCC. Congratulations to Benjamin, Juan-Francisco and Eric for achieving their next ranks, great job!

Oct 26 2019 | Kiwada Daiki sensei Seminar in Montreal

Daiki Kiwada Sensei -Renshi 7th Dan, 2012 All Japan Champion, 2009 & 2012 World Champion team member, Member of Osaka Prefecture Police- has visited Canada various times in the last few years. This past October Kiwada sensei visited Montreal for a very special three-day seminar accompanied by Shigemitsu Kamata sensei from Etobicoke Kendo & iaido Club.

Throughout the 3 days Kiwada Sensei shared his way of training, the drills he likes to practice and his approach towards the proper mindset during shiai. It was an opportunity of a lifetime to be exposed to such kendo level.
He is eager to visit us again and teach his style of kendo to all kenshi in Montreal and surroundings.
- Thank you very much Kiwada Sensei, See you again soon!

Sep 11 2019 | New Fall Season 2019

The start of the Fall semester means it is yet again time to say welcome to our new recruits. The road ahead is difficult, but we look forward to your company as we walk the path together!

We hope you can find the patience and dedication within yourselves to overcome every obstacle you may encounter in this new path. We promise you hard work and lots of fun! Welcome to the 志道館 !

Sep 08 2019 | Team Canada Practice in QC

On September 8th, Team Canada prospects -including Shidokan’s Gabriel Schor- travelled to Quebec City for the next team practice. This time the focus was on the proper form of the wrist during strikes (tenouchi). As usual the practice concluded with a godokeiko session open to everybody

August 29 2019 | Summer Session ends, Farewell Minh!

Our intense Summer session comes to a close. The high temperatures inside our gym proved yet again to be quite a challenge for our training. We are sure the sacrifice and effort have made us stronger and we can’t wait to dive into the next session.

The summer concludes also with the departure of our dear friend Minh Dao who goes back to B.C. after spending a year with us, becoming a valued brother. - We will miss you Minh! You will always be welcome, come back soon!

August 02 2019 | Lawrence Tsuji Sensei in Montreal

Our good friend and mentor, Lawrence Tsuji Sensei was in town on the weekend of August 2. We visited our good friends at MKC for Keiko, then went for refreshments afterwards at the new PJs, now called Le Manoir. As always, Tsuji Sensei’s observations and comments were very helpful in better understanding our Kendo. - Thank you for your visit Sensei. Hope to see you again soon!

August 01 2019 | Summer training with friends

Our sincere gratitude to Noriko Imaizumi from MKC and Sungkeun Cho from McGill Kendo dojo for joining our summer training. The heat and humidity level at our gym usually reaches its peak around this time of the year. It's great to have the encouragement of friends from other dojos to improve our energy level in these conditions.

ありがとうございました !

July 21 2019 | Team Canada Practice in Montreal

The Team Canada preparation sessions for the 18th World Kendo Championship -to be held in France 2021- are well under way with numerous joint practices organized all over the country. On May 25th and 26th the practice was held in Ottawa and everybody present was introduced to the process and purpose of the Team Canada program. We also practiced some of the basic drills that are part of every Team Canada session.

On July 21st and 22nd the practice took place in Montreal. The focus was on form, fitness and hiki-waza (hitting from close range and moving backwards) drills under the close supervision of very high level coaches. We finished the weekend with a godokeiko session open to anybody from Montreal.
-Thank you Shigemitsu Kamata Sensei and Hyo-sung Kim Sensei for leading the practice.

July 18 2019 | Sungkeun Cho pays us a visit

As the summer heat dwells stronger in our dojo, our good friend Sungkeun Cho from McGill Kendo dojo, joined us for keiko.

- Thank you so much for your strong spirit and for withstanding the gruelling summer training with us. Please come back soon!

July 15 2019 | Patrick Suen Sensei visits Shidokan

We received the visit of our dear friend Patrick Suen Sensei who graciously took the time to share his knowledge and experience in the art with us. Member of Mu Mon Kai dojo in Toronto, Director of Team Canada Iaido Program and member Director of the CKF, Patrick Sensei has been actively contributing to the promotion and development of our budo and martial arts throughout Canada for years.

Two schools, Muso Jikiden Eishin ryu and Muso Shinden ryu, with one heart, united in spirit by the way of the sword since centuries. May this friendship and journey continue for generations to come.

June 29 2019 | CKF Kendo Grading in Montreal

On July 29th, the summer kendo grading was held at McGill University. Shidokan was present with a group of 6 practitioners that were challenging the ikkyu and shodan grades. Thanks to their training and determination, all kendokas were successful in completing their respective grading. Congratulations!

May 31 2019 | Toida Family visits from Sao Paulo, Brazil

We had the wonderful opportunity to practice with our good friend: Kenji Toida Sensei’s father, visiting all the way from Sao Paolo, Brazil. It was a masterful class that we will certainly remember. Thank you to our friends from MKC for hosting this practice.

May 04 2019 | Quebec Provincial Championships at Granby

On May 4th, Shidokan sent determined kendoka to Granby to participate in the provincial tournament. With a strong display of technique and spirit, members brought back some awards. In particular, we would like to congratulate the following:

Kyu-Shodan division

  • Minh Dao - Bronze medal

2dan/3dan divison

  • Benjamin Vial - Gold medal
  • Tri Nguyen - Bronze medal

Women's division

  • Alysha Hum - Silver medal

4dan division

  • Gabriel Schor - Bronze medal

Team division

  • Shidokan-A - Silver medal

The Granby taikai is a fantastic opportunity to measure one's kendo in a friendly, competitive environment. We are very proud of what our members accomplished, and are sure they will use this experience as yet another stepping stone towards improving their kendo.

Thanks to Santoso Sensei and our Captain Michael Kim for your patience and dedication, and last but not least, thank you to our volunteers who came all the way to cheer us on, and to the Club de Kendo de Granby for hosting the event. See you at the next event!

April 26 2019 | Last week of the winter session

After rigorous training throughout the winter, summer is right around the corner, and with it the chance to practice kendo in stuffy Montreal weather. We are confident in everyone's ability to surpass themselves in these rough conditions.

Here is to another successful semester!

April 07 2019 | Quebec Shinpan Clinic

On Sunday, April 07 Shidokan hosted a Quebec Shinpan Clinic led by Junko Ariyama Sensei. The objective of the seminar was to examine the protocols and rules related to judging an official kendo match. An important topic of study for all kendoka: judges and shia-sha (combatants).

Thank you very much to everybody who participated in the Clinic, special thanks to Junko Ariyama Sensei for her patience and devotion to helping all quebec kendo grow. Many lessons to remember, we hope to do it again soon!

March 20 2019 | A visit from Peru

On March 20th we received a very special visit, all the way from the Shidokan dojo in Lima, Peru. Kensei Guillen Aoki, a devoted kenshi joined us for keiko and biru-geiko.

The Shidokan-Peru dojo has been active for quite a few years now and their efforts are clearly showing. We wish them many more years of good kendo!

Thank you Kensei Guillen Aoki, you are always welcome!

March 10 2019 | 2nd Jodan seminar lead by Kataoka Sensei

The Garden State Kendo dojo, in New Jersey, graciously hosted two Jodan Seminars. The first was given on November 4th and the second on March 10th; both taught by Noboru Kataoka-sensei, 7 dan. Braving a 7-hour drive each way, and perilous weather, two of our members attended both sessions. The first session focused on training techniques and kote helping to dispel many misconceptions about Jodan training.

Kataoka Sensei also expertly demonstrated how kote can be scored no matter how hard the opponent is trying to cover this target. The second session covered kote, kamae but also allowed for shiai and keiko training. Ample time was given for keiko allowing the opportunity to exchange different styles of kendo from all over the East Coast. Jodan Seminars are a rare occurrence and we are very grateful to the GSK dojo and to Kataoka-sensei for giving this seminar and for staying after the event to answer all of our questions.

March 02 2019 | Montreal Iaido Seminar

As it is tradition, Shidokan hosted the annual iaido Seminar led by Goyo Ohmi Sensei (Kyoshi 7th dan) and Stephen Cruise Sensei (Renshi 7th dan).

We covered all the series of Seitei kata focusing on the basics and important details. Lots of focus and energy, a wonderful seminar.

Our sincere gratitude to Ohmi Sensei and Cruise Sensei for leading such a great seminar. Thanks to all the participants for filling our dojo with your spirit and to our volunteers for offering such great support. We hope to see all of you again soon!

Feb 17 2019 | 2019 East Coast Iaido Taikai

Congratulations to Team Canada Iaido for making our country proud by showing great competitive spirit and camaraderie at the 2019 East Coast Iaido Taikai. All-in-all, Canadians were able to bring home quite a bit of hardware:

Team Canada Members

  • (1D) Carolina Merizalde - Kantosho “Fighting Spirit”
  • (2D) Francis Domingo - Bronze
  • (3D) Warren Wagler - Gold (Haga Cup)

Team Canada Prospects

  • (2D) Kyle Kolodij - Kantosho “Fighting Spirit”
  • (3D) Cat Matchuk - Kantosho “Fighting Spirit”
  • (5D) Michael Hodge - Bronze

Other Canadians

  • (3D) Sandy Lee-Gonye - Bronze
  • 5D) Patrick Suen - Gold (Nakanishi Cup)

Thank you to our Shidokan representatives Carolina Merizalde and Sandy Lee-Gonye, great job!

Feb 09 2019 | 1st Montréal Kendo mini Open at McGill

On February 9th, the McGill University Kendo Club hosted the first Mini Montreal Taikai. Teams of three participants were split into age divisions (young/veteran), with a final match between the winners of each group. A jigeiko session was held following the tournament.

This was a great opportunity for three of our members to practice their skills against fellow local kendoka, as well as to receive advice from participating sensei. Gabriel Schor, Francis Petrin, and Minh-Tri Nguyen displayed great spirit and fought hard to win the first place for the both the Veteran Division and Team Division Final.

We would like to extend our gratitude to D’Orangeville sensei and the McGill University Kendo Club for hosting this great event!

Jan 31 2019 | McGill members visits Shidokan

On January 31st, members from McGill Kendo Club visited Shidokan. Spirits were as high as our numbers, and it was a great occasion to enjoy keiko together. We also took the opportunity to wish our friend Andrew Wong the best before his move to Singapore during a well-deserved second practice.

Farewell, Andrew, and thank you for stopping by! You will always be welcome at Shidokan.

Jan 05 2019 | Annual Shidokan Gathering at Kanda

This year started off with our annual Shidokan dinner. We gathered at Kanda for sake, sushi, and celebration.

As always, it was a time to reflect upon our accomplishments and growth from the previous year, and to set our sights on some new goals. In classic Shidokan fashion, everyone got a chance to share some words of their experience and hopes for the future.

We also celebrated the birthdays of our dear Santoso-Sensei and a few others from amongst our ranks. Let’s make 2019 another great year!

Jan 05 2019 | Keijo Hajime!

A new year, a new beginning! Shidokan kicks off 2019 with great expectation and fully motivated to keep learning and improving together.

Let's make of 2019 another succesful year!

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