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It seems like yesterday when Kendo was first introduced in Quebec...
As it is tradition in martial arts, the students must preserve the heritage of their Master and their Dojo, otherwise such valuable knowledge would be lost.

Shidokan is no exception; after Funamoto Sensei and Okimura Sensei passed away, some of his closest students assumed the immense responsibility to carry on with their Legacy. An extremely challenging task.

Santoso Hanitijo, Robert Miller and Dean Jolly, direct students of Douglas Funamoto Sensei (Kendo) and Fred Okimura Sensei (Iaido), are the ones who lead the new Shidokan Generation. There were tough times for Shidokan after Funamoto Sensei passed away, and for some years the Dojo kept a low profile in the Kendo community. Funamoto Sensei was a strong father figure for many Shidokan students and losing him was a devastating blow...

After some years of rebuilding and with great effort and dedication from all its members, "Shidokan Kendo and Iaido Club" has managed to recover it’s old strength, the one that forged outstanding Kendoka(s) and iaidoka(s) all around Quebec and Canada.

Shidokan Kendo and Iaido Club: These days the new Shidokan generation trains as hard as it must be, within the facilities of the Concordia University - Loyola Campus.

Times and location might change, and generations will pass, but the spirit of Budo will live on through the practice of Kendo and Iaido and the teachings of our master:

Respect, Honor, Discipline, Perseverance, Respect.

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Shidokan in the media

Shidokan on Breakfast TV - Dec 2014

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Kendo at Shidokan

Mini Documentary by Concordia NOW!
This time David pays a visit to Shidokan Kendo training location: Concordia University - Loyola Campus.

David finds out more about the way the sword and collects the thoughts of Shidokan Leaders.

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When Bamboo Strikes - 2013

We would like to express our gratitude to Nicole D'souza for this fantastic video. This was filmed during one of our kendo sessions.

"My short sensory ethnographic film "When Bamboo Strikes" (2013) explores the Japanese martial art practice of kendo. In this film I am interested in evoking a complexity of multisensory and experiential forms of knowing by the ways in which individual sensory categories (e.g., sound, image) interact with each other. I use an observational filming method, in which the image and sound of a piece is left relatively raw and unaltered. There is no soundtrack, nor is there narration or voiceover which orients the viewer towards a particular way of seeing and thinking. This type of filmmaking leaves the interpretation open to the viewer and reveals a new way of "knowing".

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Shidokan Iaido at John Abbott College

Mini Documentary by Concordia NOW!
Reporter David Adelman from Concordia NOW pays a visit to one of Shidokan training locations: John Abbott College.

David finds out more about the art of drawing the sword (Iaido) and collects the thoughts of senior Instructor: Dean Jolly and many of Shidokan devoted students.

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Shidokan Ippon Collection 2010

A small compilation of Shidokan kendo 'ippon'(s) in 2010 just for fun.

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Godokeiko 2008

Visit of the Osaka Prefecture University Kendo Club
We would like to thank the Osaka Prefecture University Kendo Club for visiting Shidokan. It was an exciting Seminar; a Great Opportunity to meet High level Kendoka(s) and make new friends. Special thanks to Hamaguchi Sensei, Kendo 8th dan.

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The Shinai Incident - 2007

Shidokan gets in trouble with the SWAT team.
This "little" incident Happened at the begining 2007 When one of the Shidokan members found out that in times like these , shinais are still a big deal

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A word from our Captain

"Besides the health benefits such as weight or stress management through a total body workout, the kendo student eventually will be able to face and overcome different problems in life, the discipline and intense training sharpens one’s character striving never to surrender against any adversity. You learn to be calm at heart all the time, never letting your emotions dominate. You are given the rare opportunity to concentrate single-mindedly on one simple, yet unattainable goal: the perfect strike.

I believe kendo is one of those things in life that can truly shape your character, you always strive to become better, you learn to never give up, and you understand the true beauty in simple things. You face your own limitations and learn to overcome them, kendo can teach you a lot about yourself. The greatest masters that I have met in my life are very humble and admirable people. Experienced kendo masters are people with unshakable spirit and full determination in every aspect of their lives.

We are verly lucky to have a great master, Santoso Sensei is a wonderful mentor and his guidance has been crucial in our development. I'm very happy to have such a sensei, he makes my training a rewarding path in life. "

Tae Kyu Kim
Shidokan Team Capitan
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