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December 2009 | End of the semester ! Grading time !

Ahh , It’s that time of the year again, we are very close to the end of the semester, everybody is worried about their final exams, and of course the Kendo/Iaido grading at the CKF in Ontario.

We are very happy to have recruited new members who show great dedication and passion, we hope they find the strength to keep training. Sensei and the senior members will be there to help you guys, so don’t give up !


November 24th 2009 | Enter Akira-Kun !

With great effort and patience Shidokan senior members have managed to get a brand new kendo dummy to help in our training, specially for Shidokan beginners ! His name is “Akira-Kun” !

Santoso Sensei has been kind enough to donate is old bogu so that Akira-Kun has the great honor to wear it proudly for many years to come !!
Arigato Sensei !!!

November 21st 2009 | Women's Kendo seminar

Last Saturday Shidokan’s Chieko Kosaka and Ewelina Lajch participated in the Women’s Kendo Seminar give by Ariyama Sensei from the Montreal Kendo Club.

We thank Ariyama Sensei for giving this great opportunity to our female members. It was a great experience for them, interacting with members from other clubs and learning new tricks that hopefully they’ll share with us. Also thanks to Carlos(McGill) and Sithi(MKC) for their help.

Shidokan girls just wanna have shiai !!

November 1st 2009 | Kendo Tournament at Granby, Qc

Shidokan members participated in last November's kendo tournament in Granby. It was a great opportunity to test our skills with members for other clubs, a great experience.

Our fearless Shidokan Team was able to advance the semifinals !! OSU !!!
Keep it up guys ! Gambarimasu !!

October 2009 | More pictures from the Otakuthon !

Shidokan members gave a demo-class at the 2009 Otakuthon last summer.

Here you can find new pictures from that event :
Pictures of that day , Thank you Mathieu !!

August 31st 2009 | Shidokan is back ! Fall Season begins !

Shidokan Kendo and Iaido Club is back after some good relaxing vacations; except for the seniors who never really stop. Our schedule has been improved and it goes like this :

Training starts September 15th 2009
  Tuesdays 6:00pm - 7:30pm  
  Saturdays 10:45am - 12:15pm  
  Saturdays 9:00am - 10:30am  
Iaido training at John Abbot College as well. For more information please Check our Schedules.

We are very eager to start this new season !!!
Shidokan Gambarimassssssssu !!

August 2009 | Interchanging experience

Shidokan Senior members understand that to keep up a good kendo level, one can not stop training that's why we would like to thank Ariyama sensei and the Montreal Kendo Club for letting us practice at their Dojo while Shidokan's floor was being renewed.

We've had the opportunity to practice not only with the MKC members but also with McGill Kendo club members who where visiting MKC as well.

Great Kendo spirit, great experience and of course... Beer !
Let's keep it up and work harder this coming season !

August 1st 2009 | Shidokan at the Otakuthon !

Shidokan members gave a demo-class at the 2009 Otakuthon.
We are always happy to contribute with other clubs and to share our kendo experience and passion with every potential kenshi. Thank you very much for supporting the club, let's do it again next year !
Here you can find pictures of that day , arigato Sawaki !!

August 29th 2009 | 1st Quebec Regional Women's Kendo Seminar

Women Seminar

This is a special seminar reserved for women only. The main purpose of this seminar is to improve the level of female kendoka in a safe and friendly environment.

Through ongoing practice sessions, you will be able to gain the skills and knowledge to become proficient kendoka resulting in greater success with future competitions.
This will also provide you with the opportunity to meet other female kendoka creating new friendships.

The Seminar will take place the saturday August 29th 2009 at the "Montreal Kendo Club"
(Monkland Community Centre) 4410 West Hill Avenue / Montréal (Québec) Canada

For more information please contact Junko Ariyama
Montreal Kendo Club

July 17th 2009 | Our friends in Montreal

Shidokan members are very happy and motivated for the recent visit of the members of 2 main dojos here in Montreal; The Montreal Kendo Club and the McGill University Kendo Club.
We shared our training and realized the high level of their kendo.

We are always eager to meet more experienced kendoka and learn as much as we can from them.
We would like to thank them for their visit ! A great opportunity to fraternize with our fellow kendoka, and together build a strong kendo core in Montreal and a strong friendship.

You guys are welcome to come back anytime !! Onegai-shimasu.

June 21st 2009 | McGill Taikai

Some of Shidokan senior members participated in the McGill 2009 Kendo Tournament.
It was a great opportunity to meet highly skilled kendo players from Canada and the US.
We re-enforced our friendship with the clubs here in Montreal, made new friends and also met old ones.
We would like to take this opportunity to greet Mr Lawrence Tsuji, one of the most senior Shidokan sempais who nowadays trains at the JCCC in Toronto. We thank him for his encouragement and kind words. Arigato sempai !

April 10th 2009 | Shidokan Spring Break !

After a non-stopping period, Shidokan members take a lil' break to heal those Kendo injuries.
We'll take this opportunity to relax, rest and be ready to come back for an intense 2009 Spring and Summer season !

So there won't be any Kendo or Iaido at Concordia for the next 2 weeks. Shidokan Iaido training will continue at the John Abbot College. Check our Schedules.

Kendo officially kicks back on May 7th : Spring Season
Mondays and Thursdays : 6:30pm to 8:30pm

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