Meaning of our Kanji

志 道 館 "Shidokan"

The word "Shidokan" consists of three Kanji (Chinese characters).

Shi' () means will or resolution as noun, and it also means to aspire to something, as a verb.' Do' the same character as Do () in Kendo, literally means road, but it also means way or path along which one proceeds all one's life. 'Kan' () originally means a hall and is a general term for a gym.

Therefore, when all three are combined, it means "a hall for all who aspires to take the path".

Our Kokorozashi

"The heart beneath the warrior"

Kokorozashi The Character used to symbolize Shidokan ( ), is a compound Chinese character.

The Meaning:
  • 1. “Kokorozashi” is commonly translated as: will, intention, purpose or ambition.
  • 2. The fundamental sincere disposition of one’s will and longing to find truth and enlightenment.

Where does the idea come from?

The top character by itself is 士, meaning warrior or knight. The bottom character 心, is the heart/mind/spirit. Together, they come together roughly as the heart beneath the warrior.

This idea is comparable to the katana. The design of the samurai sword features a very hard external layer with a soft core inside. The student must strive to achieve this perfect balance in both training and in life – to become a determined warrior with a kind soul. Those who choose to follow the path shall never forget this principle.