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December 2010 | That time of the year

We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all Shidokan members that participated in the different events around Canada: Grading at Toronto for Kendo and Iaido, and also the Kendo Tournaments of Quebec and Toronto. (Granby, McGill, JCCC)

It sure has been a great year for Shidokan, we have grown in experience thanks to the guidance of Santoso Sensei and Dean Taisho; We have re-enforced our friendship with dojo(s) around Quebec; This year we have also had the opportunity to meet honorable Shidokan members such as Valiquette Sensei, Tsuji Sensei and Matsuura Sensei - Gratitude for your teachings and recommendations, the heritage of Funamoto Sensei.

We have received new students who are very excited about the path of the sword -We hope to see you all next class in full blue! Senior members will continue training through the holydays, Shidokan will be back at Loyola (January 11th 2011) fully charged for another great year of Kendo and Iaido !!

Merry Christmas and a great New year!! クリスマスと新年あけましておめでとうございます!

October 2010 | Granby, Shidokan Defending Champion : Tong Dinh


Once again we are happy to announce our dear Tong-Kun as the defending Champion for the Kyu Division, at the last Kendo Tournament in Granby.

Shidokan is growing up acquiring more experience, Our members perform brilliantly displaying courage and determination in each match. We are happy to see the progress and improvement through hard work and constant training.

We want to express our gratitude to James-sempai who joined us in battle when we most needed him.
Shidokan is very proud of Tong-kun and looking forward many victories to come !!

September 2010 | A new Beginning

We'd like to take this opportunity to give a warm welcome to our new members!!, we know that sometimes we focus a lot in practice practice practice.. (which is quite important..) But mostly we want you guys to feel at home .. and little by little integrate yourselves into the Shidokan family.

Through our constant practice we will achieve great physical and mental strenght... , develop an unshakeable character to face and overcome any situation in life, to defeat our own limitations. Unfiy Body, mind and spirit through an ancient tradition.

Our first Class of the semester came with a great Surprise, We received the special visit of Paul Marko Sensei from Etobicoke Kendo & Iaido Club (Toronto). One of the strongest Kendo Clubs in Canada. We want to express Marko Sensei our sincere gratitutde for his teachings and recommendations. - Arigato Marko Sensei !! You will always be welcome, Please visit us again.

Let's practice hard this new semester, Onegai-shimasu !!!

September 2010 | Summer Memories

We had a great summer season. We practiced for hours at a time on sweltering heat increasing our skill and stamina. We attended the University of Toronto Kendo competition and grading and we were very happy that we all passed the grading exams that we took.

We decided to train even harder and obtained even better results at the Montreal McGill Kendo Taikai. Some of our members, encouraged by their progress throughout the summer, also decided to experience competition for the first time.
Sensei reminded us often that the ranks that we attained are not our destinations but only a departure point towards the next rank. It is true that every grading exam that we pass, every competition that we attend and even win are not ends, but just steps that we take in the right direction.

So are our practices. In the beginning they seem to be very hard. But with effort and perseverance we manage to overcome the heat, the pain and overcome our own worst enemy: ourselves.
It's been a great summer: our dear Senior members living outside Quebec came to visit us , More members joined our Bogu ranks, we have been enjoying summer with sunshine, good drinks and now as fall season starts we are eager to pick up where we left off.

We can’t wait to meet the new students that will join us and continue to practice together. There will be more competitions and grading in the fall and we hope to do even better and have more of our members experience the excitement of both.


August 2010 | Iaido Seminar by Ohmi Sensei and Cruise Sensei

After a long but rewarding day at the McGill Taikai, last sunday Shidokan hosted a Iaido Seminar. The Seminar was given by CKF Masters Goyo Ohmi and Stephen Cruise.

The Seminar started was focused on Seitei Iai. Both Ohmi Sensei and Cruise Sensei are outstanding Masters and their guidance is much appreciated. They showed us the proper way to keep a good height and project a strong seme when performing the cuts, among many other important aspects. They emphazised on the importance of Kihon in every practice.

Arigato Cruise Sensei ! Arigato Ohmi Sensei !

August 2010 | McGill Taikai, Shidokan Champion : Tong Dinh


In a marvelous display of courage and perseverance Shidokan team performed very
well at the last McGill Taikai. Always aiming to improve and correct past mistakes.

We are very proud to announce Tong Dinh , one of the finest Shidokan Kenshi as
the Champion in the Kyu Division. Everybody is very happy for this victory and looking forward to many more !!

Shidokan Senior members would like to express their gratitude to Evelyn Hanitijo, ZhenXiong Du and Walter Chacon who volunteered to help in the Taikai and also with the photographs and ecouragement towards their team in this special ocassion.
Next time shall be your turn guys !! Onegai-shimasu

June 2010 | Toronto, Grading and Tournament

On June 4th, 8 of our members travelled to Toronto. On Saturday we participated in the annual University of Toronto Kendo Tournament. All 8th of competed in the individual round in the morning.

In the afternoon we split our group in two and with the help of our friends from McGill University we competed in the team round. We fought bravely and with dignity.
We can definitely feel our improvement and shall work hard in everything that needs to be corrected with the guidance of Santoso Sensei.

On Sunday 5 of our members went for grading, two for Ikyu, one for Shodan and two for Nidan. We were very happy when we found out that all of us passed the exam and acquired the above mentioned grades.

This was a great trip and we hope to take more similar trips in the future, OSU !!

May 2010 | Granby Kendo Tournament, Quebec

It's always a pleasure to participate at the Granby Kendo Championship in Quebec. This time it was a wonderful ocassion for the Shidokan team.

After a long day participating in their own categories for the individuals, the Shidokan team took part in the teams category and was able to obtain the bronze medal after a round of matches against the Quebec Kendo Kai team.

Congrats Shidokan ! Please let this achievement motivate everybody to keep improving !

One step at the time !!

April 2010 | Iaido Seminar by Stephen Cruise Sensei

Last March 27th Shidokan hosted a Iaido Seminar at John Abbot College. The Seminar was given by CKF Muso Shinden Ryu Sensei Stephen Cruise. The Seminar started on the 27th with the Seitei Iai and on the 28th with Koryu. Cruise Sensei is an outstanding Master and his guidance is much appreciated. Cruise Sensei showed the proper way to keep a good height and project a strong seme when performing the cuts, among many other important aspects.
Some Important notes by Shidokan Dean Jolly about Cruise Sensei's remarks:
  • - Do good cuts, with a definite stopping point.
  • - If the cut can not be controlled, some power must be taken away.
  • - Control and precision are more important that raw power.
  • - We must work, when standing from iaigoshi (not fully erect).
  • - All our energy while moving and during cuts must come from the hara.
  • - When cutting, the energy from the hara and the movement of the blade meet to deliver true power.
Cruise Sensei insisted that if you are not sweating you are not doing iai. And finally an important point, use your eyes and observe, talk less and practice more.

Arigato Cruise Sensei !

March 2010 | Gilles Valiquette Sensei visits Shidokan

When Funamoto Sensei founded Shidokan, the first student who knocked that door was Gilles Valiquette...
Having been practicing Kendo for 35 years and being considered the most Senior Kendoka in Quebec, Valiquette Sensei keeps alive the Spirit and teachings of his master and last February 16th he honored us by joining and leading our Tuesday training.
Valiquette Sensei emphasized the importance of solid basics and gave the us a great opportunity to practice his approach to more advanced techniques.
During Ji-Geiko he definitely showed us his experience and how his training has made him a strong and unpredictably fast Kendo master. We would like to thank Valiquette Sensei for his kindness and his teachings. Shidokan doors will always welcome him to his Alma Mater and all our fellow kenshi to join us in this journey.

Arigato Valiquette Sensei !

Feb 2010 | Lawrence Tsuji Sensei visits Shidokan

We can not express our gratitude to Lawrence Tsuji Sensei (Toronto JCCC), who was kind enough to lead a special class for our club last January 16th 2010. Tsuji Sensei, Santoso Sensei and Dean Senpai trained together at Shidokan under the guidance of Funamoto Sensei many years ago and for us is an honor that a former member of our club comes to visit us and help us improve in our Kendo. Tsuji Sensei shared some important thoughts with us :

" Thanks to Santoso and to all the Shidokan members for the practice on Saturday, January 16th. It was a pleasure to be at Shidokan after so many years. The physical location does not matter so much (the old place on de Maisonneuve to the Tri-Star gym on Jean Talon and now at Concordia's Loyola campus); the spirit of the club is with its members and the collective passion for kendo. I cannot express enough how happy I am to see the Shidokan kendo club doing so well. I especially liked the enthusiasm shown by everyone during the practice.

At this time, please allow me to make three main comments:
1. Practicing sincerely and pushing yourself to do your best are key in improving not only your personal kendo but also the dojo as a whole.
2. Please continue to work on good kihon (basics): footwork, posture and striking. Strong kendo starts with strong basics.
3. Please continue to watch out for each other and support each other. This can mean things like keeping an eye out for each other regarding wearing the uniform and bogu properly (no twisted himo, no tenugui flap hanging out), being good motodachi for your partner (making sure to have good posture and spirit, watch distance and present good targets for striking) and pointing out bad kendo habits (for example, starting too close, left foot flat, too much right arm striking, not enough snap, weak kiai, etc.). Of course, please always follow the guidance of Santoso-sensei.

The final thought that I would like to leave with everyone is something that I heard from another sensei many years ago. There is a saying that can apply to kendo. In Japanese, it is Tadashiku, Tanoshiku, Nakayoku. Loosely translated in English, it means: With correctness/properly, With enjoyment, By working together/getting along. I stressed some aspects of kendo etiquette at the end of Saturday's class because it is important to remember that kendo is a martial art and not just stick fighting. Further to that, the proper kendo manner is meant to foster the respect and understanding between individuals so that kendo practice has meaning. Most importantly though: Have Fun! I hope to see everyone again soon."

Best regards,
Lawrence Tsuji

Arigato Tsuji Sensei for your kindness and for keeping Funamoto Sensei's heritage alive!!!

Jan 2010 | Shidokan's Back

Shidokan Kendo and Iaido Club is back after some good relaxing vacations; Our schedule goes like this :
Training at Concordia starts January 12th 2010
  Tuesdays 6:00pm - 7:30pm  
  Saturdays 10:45am - 12:15pm  
  Saturdays 9:00am - 10:30am  

Iaido training at John Abbot College starts: January 3rd 2010
  Thursdays 7:30pm - 9:00pm  
  Sundays 9:30am - 11:00am  

For more information please Check our Schedules.
We are very eager to start this new season !!!
Shidokan Gambarimassssssssu !!
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