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December 2008 | MKC

MKC Our Dear Friends from the Montreal Kendo Club have been Kind enough to let us join their senior Practice for december (Because Shidokan is closed at Concordia University due to Exams and final projects)

We truly appreciate their gesture and hope you guys can come visit us aswell.
Special thanks to Ariyama Sensei and Sasseville Sensei.

December 29th 2008 | Shidokan is Closing a Happy Year

Shidokan Wishes all its members and every fellow kendoka and Iaidoka a Merry Christmas and a Great New Year !!
We surely had a great time at our Annual Shidokan Brunch and we are hoping to share more great memories next year.
Also, congratulations Mike and Chieko for the great news , we are very happy for you two!

We hope you enjoy your Holydays !!!
Sensei Santoso Hanitijo and all the Members of Shidokan.
Merry Christmas

October 25th 2008 | Fall Tameshigiri Seminar at the JCCC

JCCC Tameshigiri Good afternoon everyone!

The JCCC Iaido Club / Mu Mon Kai has rescheduled their fall tameshigiri seminar for October 25th, and I wanted to take a moment to invite all of you and your students to come and participate. I've attached the pre-registration form and our seminar guide..
Cheers all!

Kevin Adams
President, JCCC Iaido Club / Mu Mon Kai

September 24th 2008 | Our Friends from Osaka

We would like to thank the Osaka Prefecture University Kendo Club for visiting Shidokan (Concordia University). It was an exciting Seminar; a Great Opportunity to meet High level Kendokas and make new friends.
Special thanks to Hamaguchi Sensei, not everyday a Kendoka may have the honor to Learn from an 8th Dan Master. Also we want to thank Sensei Pierre Sasseville and Ariyama Sensei from the Montreal Kendo Club for their friendship and Kindness.

Arigato ! to all the Kendokas that participated in this special event; the Kendo Comunity in Quebec Grows up thanks to the effort of everyone of us.

Sensei Santoso Hanitijo and all the Members of Shidokan.
(We'll have the full photoshoot ready soon)
Hamaguchi Sensei Kendo at Concordia

September 10th 2008 | Beginner's Booklet

We are very happy that many people showed up for the first Kendo Practice of this semester , we hope to see you all next class !!
Our Shidokan Senior Members have prepared a begginner's guide (reviewed and approved by Santoso Sensei), to help you in this journey. The Shidokan Beginners booklet is quite friendly and will help you understand basic concepts so you can improve your Kendo in the good direction.

  Beginner's Booklet

September 6th 2008 | Godokeiko

Dear friends, Senseis and kendokas from Québec and Ottawa:

Tuesday, September 23rd at 18h00, the Montreal Kendo Club and the Shidokan Kendo and Iaido Club will be pleased to receive the visit of Hamaguchi-sensei, 8th dan from the Osaka University Kendo Club, Japan. Senseis and kendokas (1st dan and up) from Québec and Ottawa are invited to join us and take part in a Godogeiko with about thirty kendoka from the university of Osaka.

Please confirm the number of participants from your dojo to this special evening. After the practice, it is planned to have dinner in a Korean restaurant located near the Concordia University gymnasium. Please confirm the approximate number of people who will join us at the restaurant.

Best Regards,
Dominique Boivin - Montréal Kendo Club
Adam Ashton - Shidokan Kendo & Iaido Club

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