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December 2011 | A wonderful surprise

It was another Saturday morning at Shidokan, Kendo class was about to start after our fellow Iaidoka were clearing the dojo; Nobody was expecting a wonderful surprise.

Hugo Renaud, a former Shidokan member who trained under the guidance of Funamoto Sensei (Shidokan founder) came into the dojo for a Keiko-visit. His kendo was very impressive, showing the new Shidokan generation how things should be done. We feel very proud and honoured to receive such visit.

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In this particular photo we can see a young Hugo Renaud happy after his victory, in the back: Funamoto Sensei, To Hugo's right: MKC Ono Sensei.

Hugo currently lives in Ottawa and trains at the Ottawa kendo club, soon he'll be going to Japan to Keep training. A true example for the new Shidokan generation.
Our immense gratitude to Hugo and please come visit us again !!

December 2011 | Successful Iaido grading

At the beginning of December an important Shidokan contingent travelled to Toronto to participate in the Iaido grading and the related seminars. Our members attempted grading for the ranks of ikkyu, shodan, nidan and sandan. All of the Shidokan members passed the exam and obtained the above mentioned ranks.

In the morning before the grading exam we participated in a seminar where finishing touches were put on our katas by very experienced and patient Sensei. In the evening we celebrated the complete success with a Japanese dinner. Early next morning we took part in the Iaido class given by Cruise sensei at Etobicoke. Team Canada Kendo was practicing next door.

Congratulations Shidokan !!

November 2011 | Kendo competition and grading in Toronto !

Hoping to build on the success we had at Granby , our members trained intensively during the month of November and traveled to Toronto to take part in the JCCC Senior’s tournament and grading on the following day.

A wonderful alliance was formed with our brothers from MKC and were able to defeat a team from Buffalo and advance to the court finals. After the grading exam members from other dojos approached us to mention how impressed they were about the speed at which Shidokan improved in the last while.

Congratz to Shidokan's HaiTao Yan and MKC's Max Madison for obtaining their 3rd dan !

Thanks to Ariyama Sensei and the Montreal Kendo Club for the photograph.

November 2011 | Iaido Seminar at Shidokan

The action never stops at Shidokan ! While half the troops were dispatched to face battle at the Granby Kendo tournament, the remaning battalion had the oportunity to enjoy a wonderful Iaido seminar led by top CKF masters Goyo Ohmi Sensei (JCCC) and Stephen Cruise Sensei (Etobicoke).

Shidokan was honoured to receive such guests and we hope that many more seminars will happen in the future to strengthen our friendship and sharpen our skill.

The seminar continued the next day at John Abbot College, a magnificent display of skill and accuracy.
Our immense gratitude to Ohmi Sensei and Cruise Sensei for their teachings and their kindness!!

November 2011 | Shidokan susccessful at Granby !

On November 12th, 13 Shidokan kenshi participated in the bi-annual Granby Kendo Tournament. In total approximately 80 kenshi (kendo practitioners) competed from 8 dojos across Quebec: AMS, Granby, Kamakura (Sherbrooke), McGill, MKC, UdeM, Quebec, and Shidokan (Concordia).

We had a successful day, capturing 3 medals in individuals and a bronze medal in teams. In the kyu division we took two of the three top spots: Robert won the bronze medal in his second tournament ever, and Benjamin claimed the silver medal yet again.

In the shodan-nidan division Yan earned the silver medal, coming ever so close to the top prize after an intense battle that went well into overtime. Our team composed of Mike, Yan, Benjamin, Tong, and Juan won the bronze medal by defeating AMS, but losing our semi-final to McGill, the eventual winners.

The theme for our practices in preparation for this tournament was “Onwards”, meaning moving forward, looking towards the future while studying the past, trying to be better than before at every practice. Going forward, this means for those that won something they can improve by winning gold, for those that didn’t win, they can improve by winning something and for those that watched by competing next time.

Our immense gratitude to all the members that accompanied and supported the team !!!
Arigato-gozaimashita !!

October 2011 | Legends: Shidokan warriors come back home.

On October 15th we received the visit of two amazing Sensei born at Shidokan: Lawrence Tsuji Sensei and Yutaro Matsuura Sensei. Together with Santoso Sensei they are among the few remaining active kendoka to have trained directly under Funamoto Sensei, the founder of our Dojo.

The current era of Shidokan students had the privilege to practice with all three Sensei and experience the traditional Shidokan spirit magnified by the energy of our original members.

The practice was long and intense. In the tradition of our Dojo we dedicated most of the time to practicing the basics, as any solid building needs a good foundation. In the same tradition, we also aimed to strengthen existing friendships and forge new ones, through good spirits and crossing swords together.

It was an honour and a delight for the current members of our Dojo to connect with the past of Shidokan, and we sincerely hope that both Tsuji Sensei and Matsuura Sensei continue to stay involved in our present.

It was a very special visit, and you could feel it in the air; all members displayed a heightened level of energy and will. Let's make sure that in the future we maintain the intensity we had on this special day, and continue to push that level with each day we train.

A Message from Matsuura Sensei :
"Please reflect upon this past Saturday and the great things that we did together. Lessons and memories last only as long as we let them. Funamoto Sensei still lives because people like Hanitijo Sensei, Tsuji Sensei and myself have not let him be forgotten. Strike Men with precision and correct positioning like Tsuji Sensei told you to and do it with all your breath and power like I told you to and never giving up until the waza is completed. I feel a special relationship with each and every one of you not only because you are all my Kohai, but because we all have a bond under Shidokan. You are all always welcome to come and see me as Mike, Adam and Gabriel did. I look forward to seeing you all again."

Shidokan Stories - Homecoming Full Article "Homecoming"

A Message from Tsuji Sensei :
"To all the Shidokan members, I would like to say thank you for helping to make the event so special. It is as much about Yutaro and I visiting as it is about all the Shidokan members being fully engaged and giving their best. Thanks also for the after-practice get-together. It was very nice to enjoy the meal, drinks and conversation (just as important as the practice itself!). This brings me to my final note: I will repeat what I had said at the end of the practice, which was to continue to practice kendo following these three principles:
tadashiku (correctly/properly), tanoshiku (with fun/enjoyment) and nakayoku (in harmony with others).
I look forward to practicing with you again. "

Shidokan Stories - Homecoming Full Article "Tadashiku, tanoshiku, nakayoku..."

Our immense gratitude to Matsuura Sensei and Tsuji Sensei !!!
Please come back soon !!

Oct 2011 | Fall Season, A new Beginning

We would like to give a warm welcome to our eager and passionate freshmen. They are embarking in a new and exciting journey and little by little they'll become part of the Shidokan family.

For the seniors the journey continues. This summer was very eventful for our club, some of us wore the bogu for the first time, some of us participated in competitions for the first time, some of us passed grading exams and some of us even won their first kendo medal.

As Santoso sensei keeps reminding us, all these events are not destinations but just milestones on a long journey and after each milestone we are able to come back and examine the basics under a new light. Together with the new students, this fall season, we will train hard and aim to improve on our basics.

We also would like to express our inmense gratitude to Marko Sensei, Mori Sensei and Raymond Sensei who were kind enough to pay us a visit before the McGill Taikai. Thank you Marko Sensei for leading our training and for all your advices.

Let's train hard !!

September 2011 | McGill Taikai

On September 10th we attended the Montreal Taikai hosted by the McGill University Kendo club. 170 participants from 23 different dojos took part in the event.

From Shidokan 14 people participated and there were a lot of firsts for our club: For the first time we had participants in all categories: women, kyu, 1-2 dans, 3dan + and team divisions.

For most of our members the competition revealed new challenges: in the women's division Ruby competed for the first time and easily won her first match and honorably lost the second to a 5th dan Sensei. In the kyu division Jason, Louis, Juan Francisco, Robert and Max competed for the first time and did very well with some of them reaching the third round.

In the 1-2dan division Gabriel and Tong also competed for the first time. Len competed for the first time using nito (2 sword style) and reached top 8 in the same division.

Mike registered his first win in the 3dan+ division. Yan and Juan also did very well in their respective divisions. Our members are motivated to build on these new experiences and train hard to prepare for the future competitions.
Onegaishimasu !!!

August 2011 | Shidokan Kendo Tour USA 2011

In the month of August some of the Shidokan members took a kendo and iaido trip and visited several dojos in the United States and Canada. In total we attended 2 iaido practices and 7 kendo practices. We were curious to see how other dojos train and learn from them valuable lessons that can help us improve our kendo and iaido.

We were also eager to fight and become friends with as many fellow kendoka as possible. We visited dojos in Amherst, New Jersey, New York, Washignton, Lousiville, Battle Creek and Kingston. A list of our new friends can be found here.

Our visit to Battle Creek had a special meaning for us as we were able to practice with Matsura Sensei, direct student of Funamoto Sensei, founder of Shidokan. We would like to thank Matsura Sensei and all the Sensei that allowed us to practice with them, we hope you can visit us as well.

Onegaishimasu !!!

August 2011 | Otakuthon !

Shidokan was invited to participate in this year’s anime convention: “Otakuthon”. The event took place at the Montreal Congress Palace. It was a great opportunity for our members to share the wonders of kendo with many potential kendoka, giving them the opportunity to try a few hits. It sure was fun.

We would like to thank the Otakuthon organizers for the kind invitation and our sincere gratitude to all our members who volunteered to participate in this event.

We hope we can get the same opportunity next year !!

August 2011 | MKC !

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to our brothers from the Montreal Kendo Club who are kind enough to let us join their practice while our dojo’s floor is being renovated.

We hope to strengthen our ties and improve our kendo together.

Lots of Kendo!! Lots of beer!!

August 2011 | Mini Kendo Tournament

In order to better implement our training and give our junior members the opportunity to experience ‘combat pressure’ in real time, we organized a Mini kendo tournament.

It was a great experience for all of us; our junior members were exposed to pressure in combat, shiai rules and etiquette. It was also a great opportunity for our senior members to sharpen their judging skills being able to recognize an ippon very confidently.

We’ll continue to perform this type of training in future opportunities, since it’s quite benefitial for our dojo. Congratulations to Juan Francisco Leyva who ended up as our champion that night.

This season we have been very lucky to have wonderful kendoka(s) joining our ranks, Welcome guys (and girls) !!

July 2011 | BBQ Time !

It’s summer time! Therefore our Kendo and Iaido members decided to prepare a good old Shidokan BBQ.

It was a great opportunity for the Shidokan family to get together and spend a beautiful sunny day. Kendo and Iaido members got to share their experience and enjoy some delicious meals !!

Our gratitude to Paul Rhodes for hosting this wonderful event.

July 2011 | Kendo Demo at St-Laurent High

Last January Shidokan members were invited to perform a small Kendo demo at St-Laurent High School. We are very thankful for the kind invitation and we hope this was a great motivation for younger generations of potential kendoka.

For the rest of the summer we'll keep training hard.. looking forward to start our new Kendo & Iaido season in September !

Be better today than you were yesterday and then strive to become better still...
Let's have a great season !!

July 2011 | Burn kendoka burn !

Shidokan members have been training hard during the whole summer under the guidance of Santoso Sensei, bearing the extreme heat of the summer in Montreal.

We have been strengthening our ties with our fellow kendoka and brothers from other clubs, enjoying training together.. and lots of beer.

We are extremely happy with the performance of our members at the last Montreal Kendo Grading, all our applicants passed their exam !
Congratulations guys !! Let's keep training hard !!

May 2011 | Summer Season begins !

Training never stops ! Shidokan starts the new spring/summer season with new members and great motivation !

Santoso Sensei is very happy with the dojo achievements, always reminding us that even though, medals and trophies are great stimulus, for a kendoka the most important goal is never to lose the will to progress, rather we face defeat or victory, the true spirit is never to give up.

Be better today than you were yesterday and then strive to become better still...
Let's have a great season !!

May 2011 | Shidokan at Granby

On May 7th we attended the Granby Kendo Tournament and achieved remarkable results again. Benjamin Vial obtained the silver medal in the mudansha division which is a great result, made even more notable by the fact that it was his first tournament. Gabriel Schor achieved the bronze medal allowing Shidokan to capture two out of first three places.

All our Kendoka also performed very well and gave everything they had with honor and great spirit.

We were also very happy to witness the first shiai in the san-dan and higher division in which Mike was involved. We are definitely moving up. Confirming our club great fighting spirit Juan was awarded the Fighting Spirit award.

Our inmense gratitude to Santoso Sensei for his patience and dedication, and to the unconditional support of our dear members who joined us for mitori-geiko, (training by watching), witnessing the performances of higher ranking kenshi, gaining a better understanding of how the competitions work and what is the level that is required to do well in such a competition.

Let's keep training hard !!

February 2011 | Visit of D'Orangeville Sensei and Marko Sensei

Shidokan members have been very lucky to receive the visit of Christian d'Orangeville Sensei (McGill Kendo Club) and Paul Marko Sensei (Etobicoke, ON) .

We want to express our gratitude for their time, kindness and patience. D'Orangeville Sensei showed us some advanced techniques, always reminding us to enjoy kendo; an advice that will be certainly followed.

Marko Sensei was kind enough to lead our tuesday and saturday training, working on different aspects of our basics and showing us the way to improve our technique, here are some of his thoughts:

"I would say that my biggest issues in Kendo have arisen when I have not paid enough attention to the basics (e.g., footwork, kiai, posture, reigi). Everybody says it, but only because it is true. As an adult Kendoka (I started at 29 years), I find that progressing to higher levels of Keiko is always either held back or supported by the level of basics needed by the advanced techniques (mental or physical). So never ignore them! "

Our sincere gratitude to both Sensei, Please come back to visit us !

February 2011 | Iaido Seminar by Ohmi Sensei and Cruise Sensei

Shidokan hosted a wonderful seminar led by Goyo Ohmi Sensei (JCCC) and Stephen Cruise Sensei (Etobicoke).

Starting early at 9am with basic excercises Ohmi Sensei and Cruise Sensei went over every specific aspect of the fundamentals from good posture to proper angle of cut.
It was a magnificent display of skill and accuracy seeing such masters performing.

The seminar continued the whole day until 4pm. Working on all the kata with body exhaustion everybody showed great courage and determination, motivated by the enthusiasm and patience of our masters.

Shidokan was honoured to receive such guests and we hope that many more seminars will happen in the future to strength or friendship and sharpen our skill. Our deepest gratitude to Ohmi Sensei, Cruise Sensei and Green Sensei for visiting us.
We invite you to see the Full Gallery

February 2011 | The Shoot

It was another saturday morning at Shidokan, starting early with intense Iaido practice followed by non-stop Kendo.

We want to thank our Shidokan kenshi: Angel Dumitru, for this great photoshoot that he offered us since he's now suffering from severe back pain.

We hope you recover soon Angel-san and resume your training with the 'Kan'


January 2011 | The journey begins...

We'd like to take this opportunity to give a warm welcome to our new members!!
This new year Shidokan has been blessed with many enthusiastic new students. We are very happy about them joining our family. Their path on the way of the sword is just begining and we'll be very happy to help them in their development.

With lots of effort and patience your kendo/Iaido will grow strong ! Let's build a solid Fundation, as Sensei always says "the most amazing structures begin with a solid base".

Shidokan Seniors keep practicing hard, non-stop as true martial artists. Aiming for the next target and working on correcting the mistakes pointed by our Sensei.

Many good things can be seen in the future for Shidokan, 2011 will definitely be another great year.

January 2011 | Shidokan Annual Brunch

We had many things to celebrate this year !!

Our annual brunch was a wonderful gathering for every Shidokan member. This year not everybody could be there, but their "ki' was with us. We took the opportunity to celebrate the success of Shidokan through 2010, Tournaments, Gradings, Seminars... The growth of our Club.

It was also a wonderful occassion to celebrate Santoso Sensei's birthday, As Funamoto Sensei's students before us, we had the privilege of celebrating our Chief Instructor's birthday with him.

Happy birthday Sensei !

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