Memories 2016

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Dec 17 2016 | Last week of training

Nov 26 2016 | Iaido Grading at Etobicoke, ON

Nov 20 2016 | JCCC TAIKAI & Kendo Grading

Nov 12 2016 | Granby Taikai

On Saturday, November 12th, twelve of our members went to Granby to the bi-annual regional tournament. Although the number of participants was lower than previous years, the level of kendo displayed there certainly made up for it.

October 2016 | Tameshigiri

October 2016 | Shogun Kendogu

On October 21, we had the great opportunity to practice with Blake Bennett and members from Shogun Kendogu at the Montreal Kendo Club.

From the 13th until 23rd of October, they visited friends in San Francisco, Houston, and Montreal for a few bogu repair seminars, keiko, and a bit of socialising!
We are looking forward to seeing you again soon!

September 2016 | Back to work

Shidokan is kicking off the new Iaido semester in great spirits after hosting the Canadian National Iaido Championships, a challenging and exhausting enterprise.

We are now looking forward to build upon from this experience, keep learning and growing together.

Sep 03 2016 | 2nd Canadian National Iaido Championship 2016

On the Labor day weekend, Shidokan had the honor to host the 2nd Canadian National Iaido Championship in partnership with the Canadian Kendo Federation (CKF). The event took place over three days, featuring seminars, the national tournament, and grading up to 5th Dan.

August 2016 | End of Summer

Summer 2016 comes to an end, and the last survivors show up for the last kendo class of the season before taking a short 2 weeks break. Let's get ready for the new semester!! Gambatte!

July 30 2016 | Iaido in the Park

July 27 2016 | Iaido Taikai Simulation and Volunteer Training

July 18 2016 | Honoured Guests

July 2-3 2016 | Montreal Taikai and Kendo Grading

June 2016 | Visit from MKC and new members & Women's Practice

June 2016 | Kata in the park!

May 01 2016 | Quebec Regional Kendo Championships, Granby.

April | Spring Activities

2 April 2016 | Tsuji Sensei Visit

March 2016 | Gearing up

Shidokan has been preparing for the upcoming tournaments, both in kendo & iaido under the watchful of Santoso Sensei.

Always with diligence & comradery, training together to strengthen our technique as well as our friendship.

12-13 March 2016 | University of Toronto Taikai and Etobicoke Visit

Feb 2016 | 18th Annual Detroit Open Kendo Tournament

On Feb 13th, 3 Shidokan members participated in the 18th Annual Detroit Open Kendo Tournament. In this opportunity, the distinguished tournament guests in attendance were Kendo Kyoshi 8 Dan Eiga Hideyuki Sensei and Kendo Kyoshi 8 Dan Eiga Naoki Sensei from Hokkaido, Japan.

A great opportunity to learn from such Kendo legends; the Seminar was deinitelty enlightening.

Full post soon...

January 2016 | FIK Kendo Referee Seminar for the American Zone (FY 2015)

January 2016 | New beginning

The start of the semester means it’s yet again time to say welcome to our new recruits. The road ahead is difficult, but we look forward to your company as we walk the path together!

We hope you can find the patience and dedication within yourselves to overcome every obstacle you may encounter in this new path. We promise you hard work and lots of fun !
Welcome to the "Kan"!

January 2016 | New Years Shidokan Dinner

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