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We have many great memories caught on camera that we would like to share with our visitors and future members.
There will be many more to come as Shidokan becomes stronger !, Please be aware that this photos are for non-Commercial, non-Advertising Purposes. Thanks and enjoy...

Godokeiko at Shidokan 2008

Photoshoot by Gabriela Nuñez Copyrighted for Non-Commercial Use
In cooperation with the Montreal Kendo Club, Shidokan hosted this special event. We received the visit of the Osaka Prefecture Univesity Kendo Club, and many clubs from all around Quebec.

Shidokan through 2008

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Shidokan has been more active than ever this year !! . Our members have been going around trying to learn and share Kendo and Iaido experiences.

Shidokan Kendo and Iaido Club through the last years...

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Good memories in the recent years...,training never stops