COVID-19 - Update Dec 2021
We are very eager to go back to our dojo. Our coordinators at Concordia Univ. will be soon giving us updates about the return to training considering all safety measures (distance protocols, vaccine passports, etc)
For now, all our kendo and iaido activites remain suspended.
We will keep you posted, hoping to be back at the dojo very soon.
Please stay safe and healthy!
- Shidokan

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WINTER Season begins: Jan 15 2020, Open to all levels.
- The schedule is valid until from Jan 2020 until April 2020
- Registration and fees


  • Wednesday: 6:30pm ~ 8:00pm
  • Friday: 7:00pm ~ 9:00pm (advanced class)
  • Saturday: 11:00am ~ 1:00pm


  • Saturday: 9:00am ~ 11:00am

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