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Dear friends, we noticed a recent glitch on Google maps. Our location appears to be on Sherbrooke St. East (by Metro Radisson). This is incorrect.
Our dojo is located at: 7200 Sherbrooke West, H4B-1R2, Loyola Campus - Gymnasium, as usual. We are working on fixing this issue. Thank you for your understanding.

...To mold the mind and body; to cultivate a vigorous spirit; and through correct and rigid training; to strive for improvement in the arts of Kendo and Iaido; to hold in esteem human courtesy and honor; to associate with others with sincerity; and to forever pursue the cultivation of one's self...

For many years "Shidokan Kendo and Iaido Club" has been operating in Montreal, Canada; Our objective is to offer the best possible information to every person seeking a serious path in Martial Arts. Feel free to navigate through our site and don't forget to pass by the Concordia University (Loyola Campus Main Gym), to find out what's beyond that far away Mountain...

A true warrior has no confusion in his mind...

No Martial Art symbolizes the spirit of the warrior more than the arts of kendo and Iaido.

Never surrender

Be better today than you were yesterday and then strive to become better still...

Unleash the Warrior within you...

The students learn and practice fierce techniques, until eventually sword becomes "no sword", intention becomes "no intention", a spontaneous knowledge of every situation.

Pride and friendship

Friendship and swordsmanship shall grow together through intense and sincere training. "Respect, perseverance and humbleness"; our everyday prayer.

Unify mind, body and spirit...

Kendo and Iaido are considered the most respected living forms of Budo nowadays

Would you discover yourself?

We invite you to this journey where you will find amazing secrets about yourself through the way of the sword.

Overcome your own limits

Although the metal swords have been replaced by bamboo and wood, all other aspects of the Samurai Spirit live on in the practice of Kendo and Iaido.

Shidokan's History and Pride

Since it's foundation in 1974 produced many outstanding Kendo players in Quebec generation after generation.

Empty your mind

Through constant practice the student will be able to clear the mind giving him or her the confidence needed to overcome daily undertakings with the utmost commitment. - Santoso Hanitijo Sensei.

Douglas Funamoto Sensei

"His dedication to teaching kendo was tremendous, and his humble nature will be remembered fondly."
- Lawrence Tsuji

Experience Tradition...

Students are given the opportunity to experience an ancient Japanese tradition.

Generation after Generation

The first Shidokan generation produced outstanding Kendo players that have continued to develop the art many years later to pass their knowledge to the new generations.

Practice, Practice, Practice

At Shidokan we understand that the only way to obtain our goals and to suceed in every aspect of life is to always persevere.
Just like Sensei says : "Practice, practice and practice more"

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News 2018

Dec 29 2018 | Last Godokeiko of the year at Isshin

Our sincere gratitude to Isshin Kendo Club for Organizing this special last practice of 2018 with all the dojos from Quebec. It was great seeing all our friends and we definitely enjoyed a very good practice to close the year in high note.

Happy New Year! We'll see you all very soon!

Dec 19 2018 | Another great year comes to an End

Shidokan ends the year 2018 on a bright note, with a high grading pass rate and great results at various competitions in both kendo and iaido. New recruits have also bolstered our ranks, and we look forward to seeing them improve in their practice. Our members have created a solid foundation from which we hope to see the club grow into next year. After a short hiatus to enjoy the holidays with friends and family, we will get back to work towards even greater results!

Dec 04 2018 | Special practice with Team Korea

On Dec 04, Christian D'Orangeville Sensei and McGill Kendo Club hosted a very special practice with 2 members of the Korean Kendo National team: Byung Hoon Park 박병훈 and Hyun Jun Yoo 유형준, both of whom participated in the 17th World Kendo Championship in Incheon, Korea (Sep 2018)

It was a rare opportunity for all kendo practitioners in Quebec to experience such level of kendo. We were also lucky to practice with high ranking kendoka from Toronto such as Jin Whan Lee Sensei (JungKo Dojo).

It was an interesting experience and it definitely gave us a new perspective about how to conduct our training. We are very grateful for this opportunity, we hope many more arise in the future. Gratitude to D'Orangeville Sensei and McGill Kendo Club.

Nov 24 & Dec 01, 02 2018 | CKF Kendo & Iaido Grading

On the weekend of Nov 24th a Shidokan contingent traveled to Toronto, ON to participate in the senior JCCC tournament and to challenge Kendo grading. Congratulations to our Gabriel Schor, Bronze medal in his (now) old division at the JCCC Senior tournament! Through diligent training and perserverance all Shidokan members passed their kendo exam, great job everybody! New milestones, new goals! おめでとうございます

The following weekend - Dec 1st - a Shidokan contingent traveled to Etobicoke, ON to participate in the very first North American Partnership Iaido Seminar/Grading as well as the very first Pan American Iaido Goodwill Taikai.
Congratulations to those of you who were able to pass your iaido exams! Also congratulations to our Sandy Lee Gonye (bronze medal - goodwill team) and Juan Vasquez (silver medal - team Canada).
Great job everybody! Now back to work!

October 2018 | MKC visits Shidokan

Our friends from Montreal Kendo Club visited us on October 12th. We shared a great practice together, full of spirited keiko, which left our throats parched and ready for second practice... Please come again anytime!

Sep 29, 2018 Lawrence Tsuji Sensei visits Shidokan

On September 29th, Lawrence Tsuji Sensei visited us to hold a practice centered on kihon (basics). We reviewed footwork drills and tenouchi exercises while ensuring our posture remains proper. With grading on the horizon, this was a good reminder to keep working on basics at all stages of our kendo practice. Finally, we enjoyed keiko together, and each received welcome guidance from a both a mentor and a good friend. We would like to thank Tsuji Sensei once more for his much appreciated visit. We look forward to our next practice together!

September 2018 | Our new recruits

The start of the Fall semester means it’s yet again time to say welcome to our new recruits. The road ahead is difficult, but we look forward to your company as we walk the path together!

We hope you can find the patience and dedication within yourselves to overcome every obstacle you may encounter in this new path. We promise you hard work and lots of fun !
Welcome to the 志道館 !

Sep 2018 | A new semester begins

The new semester started just as warm as the summer had been. With grading right around the corner, it was time to review the way we practice and refresh our mind with basics. With renewed spirit, we pushed through and trained on, ready to tackle the challenges of the fall.

Sep 2018 | Shidokan at the Concordia Student Union Fair

A big Thank you!! to our dear volunteers spreading the good word of kendo around Concordia University at the beginning of the Semester. Recruiting with sharp skill and timbits. We truly appreciate it! 志

August 2018 | Summer training draws to an end

After an intense Summer Season, Shidokan now wraps up training for a couple of weeks, healing injuries and getting ready for the new Semester. We are looking forward to welcoming new members and sharing the joy of kendo & iaido training together.

Thanks to our friend Yves Coté for joining our practice.
- See you all in September!

July 14 & 15 2018 | Shidokan at the Montreal Taikai 2018

Shidokan participated in this year's edition of the Montreal Taikai (tournament), hosted by McGill Kendo Club. The tournament attracted kendoka from all around Canada and the US, creating a great opportunity to face highly skilled players from near and far. Our members showed a great performance many of them achieving quarter finals. Our very special congratulations to Alysha Hum for obtaining the bronze medal in the women's division.

The day after the tournament, there was a Kendo Grading (up to 3dan) which was hosted by the Canadian Kendo Federation. Some of our members challenged their next rank, ranging from 1kyu to 2dan. Congratulations to all!

June 2018 | Shidokan Kendo at the West Island

Our sincere gratitude to our good friend TaeHyoung Kim for hosting a great practice with our Shidokan kendo family in the West island. It was the first official joint practice between members who train at our Concordia - Loyola location with those in the West Island. It was an enjoyable time, consisting mainly of godokeiko, giving everyone a chance to keiko together.

We truly enjoyed it, we'll be back !

May 2018 | Granby Kendo Taikai

On May 12th, five Shidokan representatives travelled to Granby to participate in the Quebec Regional Championships.

Congratulations to all for obtaining the silver medal in the teams division. Also to our Francis Petrin, Bronze medal in 2dan-3dan division.

April 2018 | Winter Session comes to an end

After rigorous training throughout the winter, summer is right around the corner, and with it the chance to practice kendo in stuffy Montreal weather. We are confident in everyone's ability to surpass themselves in these rough conditions.

Here is to another successful semester!

April 08, 2018 Quebec Women's Practice

On Sunday, April 8th, Shidokan hosted a very special practice that was led by Junko Ariyama Sensei. It was a joint practice open to all female kendo practitioners in Quebec. It was a great turnout, with kendoka coming from dojos around Montreal, Quebec, and Granby. Together we did kihon and practice matches, providing an opportunity to sharpen our shinpan skills as well. The practice ended with jigeiko, giving everyone the opportunity to keiko with someone they hadn't yet fought with.

Thank you very much to everybody who attended, and a special thank you to Ariyama Sensei for leading us. We hope to do this again soon!.

Feb 17, 2018 | Montreal Iaido Seminar

On February 17th and 18th, Shidokan hosted the Montreal Iaido Seminar 2018 led by Ohmi Goyo Sensei (MuMonKai, ON) and Stephen Cruise Sensei (Etobicoke, ON). As always, several participants attended the events, and we were able to reinforce our bonds with our fellow iaidoka.

After a quick warmup, the seminar focused on the various changes to the Seitei curriculum that were introduced a few months prior. In particular, there was a strong emphasis by Cruise Sensei on the importance of correct posture, metsuke, and seme, particularly when turning to face an opponent and deliver a strike. As a recurring theme, Ohmi Sensei reminded everyone to perform each kata with absoluteness and determination.

Our sincere gratitude to all participants, and to our honoured guest instructors who traveled long distances to join us. Our thanks to D'Orangeville Sensei for the constant support in developing iaido in Quebec. Last but not least, thanks to our dear volunteers for helping us run the event smoothly.

We hope you enjoyed the experience and that you brought home lessons to ponder over for the coming year. Until next time!

Feb 10-11 2018 | FIK American Zone Referee Seminar

On February 10th and 11th, FIK American Zone Referee Seminar was held at the ÉTS (École de technologie supérieure) in Montreal, QC, hosted by the Canadian Kendo Federation. A contingent of Japanese kendoka from a variety of backgrounds displayed an impressive level of kendo throughout the weekend, while 5-Dan and up benefited from the tutelage of high-ranking senseis.

The event was split into theoretical and practical parts, with helpful pointers given by the senseis as the shiai-sha crossed swords before a gathering of over a hundred participants from all around North America. Team Canada was eventually pitted against the Japanese representatives in a friendly round-robin, much to the attendants' joy.

We would like to thank the FIK delegation who came all the way to Montreal to offer their guidance, as well as to the CKF for hosting the event. Last, but far from least, our gratitude to Junko Ariyama Sensei from MKC and to Akane D'Orangeville from McGill Kendo Club for their translation throughout the weekend!

Jan 27 2018 | Shidokan at the QC Kendo Regional Championships, Granby

On January 27th, Shidokan participated in the Granby Taikai. It was the first tournament of the year for us and a good chance to test our mettle. Nearly 50 participants from around the province gathered to compete. Our members performed very well, with Team A claiming 3rd place after competing in a tough bracket. In addition, we would like to congratulate the following:

  • Alysha Hum, 1st place in the women's division;
  • Chuko Kpolugbo, 3rd place in the 1K/1D division;
  • Gabriel Schor, 1st place in the 2D/3D division;
  • Benjamin Vial, 2nd place in the 2D/3D division.

We would like to thank the organizers of the event for their continuous efforts to host this bi-annual tournament, without whom the event could not take place. Our gratitude as well to Santoso Sensei and our leading senior students, without whose guidance our training would not be the same. We are happy to see our kendo continue to improve and look forward to tackling the challenges ahead of us in the coming year.

Jan 06 2018 | Shidokan family reunion 2018

This year started off with our annual Shidokan dinner. We gathered at Kanda for sake, sushi, and celebration.

As always, it was a time to reflect upon our accomplishments and growth from the previous year, and to set our sights on some new goals. In classic Shidokan fashion, everyone got a chance to share some words of their experience and hopes for the future.

We also celebrated the birthdays of our dear Santoso-Sensei and a few others from amongst our ranks. Let’s make 2018 another great year!

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January 2019 | 剣道八段の世界 Kendo 8th dan Examination

剣道八段の世界 Kendo 8th dan Examination
This week we take a deeper look at the Japanese martial art of kendo. Martial artist and kendo expert Alex Bennett explains the intricacies of scoring an ippon. We also reveal the depth and subtleties of the exam that evaluates candidates for kendo's highest rank of 8th dan, which with its pass rate of less than 1% is considered the most difficult exam of any kind in Japan. We introduce kendoka hoping to reach the elusive grade, a lifelong challenge for many.

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